The Policy Statement of OpenTein (Open Teratom Investigation)

(1st edition)

Usage Policy

The OpenTein Partnership organizes OpenTein database to a whole-slide digital image of teratoma investigation as public data bank and has distributed its data to an academic researcher. OpenTein Partnership has chosen to apply the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY) to all documents and images of OpenTein. When you use the data of OpenTein by some your activity or other, you need to display creative commons license emblem in accordance with the following license provision.

Creative Commons License
OpenTein by OpenTein Partnership is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  • 1. You have a right that can access and copy to the resource of OpenTein, and can be redistributed freely.

  • 2. You can use the resource of OpenTein as a material of renovation, modification, and another work for any purpose, even commercial freely.

  • 3. When you reuse and redistribute the resource of OpenTein, you have to indicate the credit using creative commons license specified by OpenTein Partnership. The creative commons license defines this explanation as the attribution (BY), and the policy of OpenTein applies to it.

This license statement was defined on July 16, 2015. Also to the data that will be registered into the OpenTein database from now on, and the data stored before it, this statement retroacts and is applied.

OpenTein Partnership